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Firms Show Flexibility on Career-Life Balance at


Job Sharing Resource Guide

Studies show that employees who equally value their work and family contribution are among their most committed and productive employees. For executive women who want to maintain acceleration in their career, but also want to spend more time with their family, job sharing programs offer a unique
opportunity for companies and the women they are better able recruit and retain. Flexible work practitioners, foundations, non-profits, journalists and consultants have published an abundance of information to help employees and companies navigate all aspects of job share creation. This article highlights resources related to job sharing, from exploring and comparing flexible work options to selling and maintaining a successful job share.Read more... >>



Ten Keys to Job Share Success

Job sharing has traditionally been viewed as a way for companies to retain talented women, and for women to continue advancing their careers while achieving the seemingly elusive work/life balance.  Today it is also being leveraged to reduce overhead in a down economy (alternative to lay-offs), or satisfy the needs of workers with significant commitments in addition to their careers, particularly Gen Y, those continuing their education, or people approaching retirement.  Like great marriages, great job shares don’t just happen – they are the result of significant thought, planning, and commitment.  Drawing on 3 years of job sharing experience plus the insights of many other accomplished job share teams, 10 Keys to Job Share Success offers a range of advice from philosophical to tactical to help your job share succeed. Read more... >>